About Playmakers

Our Mission

“Empowering our players to reach their maximum potential by providing a comprehensive and practical basketball education.”
NBA Performance Enhancement Program

Our Philosophy

We don’t believe that people are born with the confidence, competence, and mindset necessary to be great players; instead, we believe that those characteristics are developed through a combination of focused repetition, positive psychology, and detailed study of the game of basketball. As a result, every aspect of our program is designed to provide our athletes with both the physical and mental tools they need to succeed - both on and off of the court.

We teach our players all levels of practical skills—from the fundamental to the advanced—by combining in-game, situation-specific training with film study of both individual skills and team-based concepts. Additionally, we provide strength and conditioning programs that prepare our players for the rigors of competitive basketball by enhancing their overall athleticism while simultaneously decreasing their risk of sports-related injury.

The Playmakers Staff

Dustin Gray

Dustin GrayHead Coach

Brett Koremenos

Brett KoremenosAssociate Head Coach

Anthony Urrutia

Anthony UrrutiaAcademy Director / Asst. Coach