Professional Basketball Training

NBA Performance Enhancement Program

NBA Performance Enhancement ProgramAt Playmakers Basketball Club, our approach to training athletes at the professional level is a comprehensive and individualized process. The players we work with are competing at the highest level of the game and require every edge in order to maximize both their performance and earning potential. Before a player walks through our doors, we have already completed a thorough analysis of their game.

From there, we tailor each players on-court training to enhance their strengths, address areas in need of improvement and introduce any new skills or concepts necessary to take their game to the next level. We also augment the on-court skill development with game film breakdowns that complement everything taught on the floor. Everything we do with our players will always be influenced by analytical trends, and how the game itself is evolving at the NBA level.

Perhaps the most important aspect of our approach is helping players improve their overall athletic performance. Our two certified Performance Enhancement Specialists will assess movement patterns and then design programming to help players get the most out of their bodies. For those athletes that require more extensive therapeutic modalities or ones that simply need additional recovery work after a grueling season, we have a network of well-respected physical therapists and athletic trainers.

When training with Playmakers Basketball Club, players will have access to everything they need to take their career to the next level.

“I practice as if I am playing the game so when the moment comes in the game, it's not new to me. That's the beauty of the game of basketball. That's the reason why you practice. That's the effort. So when you get in that moment you don't have to think. Instinctively, things just happen.”

- Michael Jordan

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NBA Pre-Draft Program

NBA Pre-Draft ProgramThis is the first step of every player’s professional journey and at Playmakers Basketball Club we recognize the importance of maximizing the NBA Draft preparation process. It starts by developing a trusting and straightforward relationship with every player that comes into our gym. Once that is established, we can start to build the productive habits necessary to both excel during the Pre-Draft process and to have successful professional careers.

In order to achieve that, we take a holistic approach to the training process. Our services include elite, on-court skills training that is supported by a library of video edits designed to enhance skill acquisition and immerse players in the nuances of the professional game. In addition, we provide top notch performance training that includes injury rehab, movement assessment along with strength and conditioning programing designed by two certified Performance Enhancement Specialists with years of experience working exclusively with basketball players.

Overall, our goal isn’t to just help our players perform well in their Pre-Draft workouts, it’s also to prepare them to play like polished veterans as they enter NBA Summer League competition -- the first opportunity to showcase their game in a professional setting with executives, scouts and coaches from leagues around the world in attendance.

When you are with Playmakers Basketball Club for your NBA Pre-Draft training, you’ll begin the next chapter of your basketball journey with an edge on the competition.