Playmakers Academy

Youth Development

Whether it’s helping a young player make the JV team or earn a college scholarship, Playmakers Basketball club is here to help. Our developmental directive is designed to provide a foundation of basketball skills that will help young players maximize their potential. All the necessary building blocks for success on the court -- footwork, shooting, ballhandling and passing -- will be emphasized throughout our programs. And at Playmakers Basketball Club, we don’t just teach players these skills without context as we pride ourselves on our ability to show young players when and how those tools are best put to use in game situations.

Most importantly, our youth programs will make sure to foster any young athletes passion for the sport. So if you have a young athlete looking to take their game to the next level, enroll in one of our programs today!

High School & Youth Academies

Our high school and youth academies will comprehensively cover all the fundamental skills and build situational awareness, something all young players need for success.

  • Each academy session will be held two nights a week over a two month period
  • Each session will be 90 minutes in length and limited to only 15 participants per group
  • Players will be given the opportunity to master individual skills while also learning when to utilize them in controlled situational drills ranging from 3-on-3 to 5-on-5
  • Every session will begin with a movement preparation phase and end with a cool-down period
  • Payment will be made via check or credit card in person at the first session of each month
  • Fee: $200 per month
  • Location: Inspire Courts in Gilbert
  • Next upcoming high school academy: September 7th - Oct 29th
  • Next upcoming youth academy: November 2016 - December 2016

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Small Group Training

If young players would like to continue to hone their skills with a more select group of teammates or friends, Playmakers can provide small group training sessions as well.

  • Small group sessions will be 60 minutes in length
  • Groups can contain anywhere from 2-6 participants
  • Sessions will be comprised of both individual skill work and competitive situational challenges ranging from 1-on-1 to 3-on-3
  • Sessions can be schedule upon request by contacting our Academy director, Anthony Urrutia via e-mail
  • Payment will be made at the each session via check or credit card
  • Fee: TBD
  • Location: Inspire Courts in Gilbert

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Individual Training

If a young athlete would like more opportunities to build their game, Playmakers also provides 1-on-1 training sessions conducted by our Academy Director, Anthony Urrutia. Players will learn the same skills they would in our academies, but with more individual attention.

  • Individual workouts will be 60 minutes in length
  • Each session will include a movement preparation phase, on-court skill acquisition and a cool-down period
  • Each session will focus on the core elements of basketball: ballhandling, shooting, passing and finishing
  • Sessions can be scheduled upon request by contacting Anthony via email
  • Payment will be made at each session via check or credit card or can be purchased in 5-session blocks
  • Fee: $80 per session
  • Location: Inspire Courts in Gilbert

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